Adam Driver

IMG_5675Adam Driver is a Hollywood name that may be familiar to many Mishawakan’s today.  Born in 1983, Driver was raised in Mishawaka from the age of 7 until his graduation from Mishawaka High School in 2001. His early acting experiences came from the stage of the Mishawaka High School theatre where he participated in several school productions in addition to singing in the school and local church choir.

Shortly after the September 11th attacks, Driver joined the United States Marine Corps where he served for several years but was medically discharged before he could deploy to Iraq. After leaving the Marines, Driver attended the University of Indianapolis for a year then quickly transferred to the Juilliard School to study drama. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2009.

Driver began appearing in both Broadway and off-Broadway productions as well as appearing on both television and in short films. His first major role came in 2011 in Clint Eastwood’s film J. Edgar but he may be best known for his role in the hit HBO series Girls. Driver has collected an impressive list of credits and accolades to date, which is particularly remarkable considering the short number of years he has been working as an actor.

Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker run a non-profit organization close to their hearts, Arts in the Armed Forces, which stages performances for military personnel. We look forward to Adam Driver’s coming performance in the next installment in the Star Wars saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will be released in December of 2015.